Saturday, June 16, 2007

THe Return aka Another Again

Yeah, I'm terribly indecisive on minor things.

That said, I remember why I switched to Xanga from Blogger back on ' 03.

And I'm doing it again.

Monday, June 4, 2007

"I'm gonna knock you out...."

"..Mama said knock you out."

Well, that's what the FEE did to me. Knocked me the fuck out.

It made me realize something. I need to get my crap together before I head up to MIT. I can't do that for the next four years. It'll drive me insane.

I joke about me going crazy and running around at night in a Batsuit, but I could actually see that happening if I have too many nights like last night.

In other, more productive news

I sent off my letter to Ronald McDonald Scholars saying that I'll accept their money. (Honestly, who would tell them no? "Hey, I applied for your scholarship and wrote an essay for it, but I don't want your money, lulz". Ridiculous.)

Sent off the application to MITFCU for my credit card and account, etc. First thing I do when it comes is to get my cell phone (Fuck you Verizon, with your "oh, you don't have credit $400 deposit, lulz) and buy a pair of Nike Jet Stream 3s.

I haven't bought a new pair of running shoes since Junior year cross country season. So I've been pretty much destroying me feet for the past year.


So I've been doing some research. For optimal sprinting standards, I'm supposed to be able to bench 200, squat 320 and leg press 400.

I'm sorry, but I hate weight lifting, and me benching 200 by January is a LOST CAUSE.

Also, I can't squat to save my life. icanlegpress400nowbuticanonlysquat170makesnosensetheyusethesamemusclesandialwayssquatfirst

So unfair.

So about a week ago today, I met my father's side of the family. It was kinda weird. I mean, they're awesome and all, but I kinda felt out of place. They were all tightknit, and I'm just the kid who looks like them, but isn't really one of them.

Don't get me wrong, they didn't aliennate me or anything, they tried their best to make me feel welcome.

It's been what?

18 years of not knowing them? 4 years since I've seen my father and uncle last and then 14 years not knowing them before that?

One afternoon is not going to get rid of that.

On a lighter side note, there's this girl.....

.....actually, I'll save that for later.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

MIT stuff

So I just entered the freshman housing lottery.
Rank Residence(s)
1 Bexley House
2 Senior House
3 East Campus
4 Burton-Conner
5 Simmons
6 Baker House
7 MacGregor
8 New House
9 Random Hall
10 Chocolate City
11 Spanish House
12 Next House
13 McCormick Hall
14 International House
15 French House
16 German House

I hope I don't get anything past #4. Originally, I had East campus as my #2. But during CPW I bummed around Senior Haus for a bit, and the residents there seemed pretty cool.

Outlined my first essay for the FEE. Still haven't started writing on it through. Far too many distractions over here. I'm going to my grandparents house in Anniston, Alabama in two hours, and there's nothing to do over there but write.

Let's blab on about dull stuff in my life, shall we?

I got my car back. Turns out the only thing wrong with it was the postive line to the battery. It was dirty and falling out.

Repair cost: $40.

...And I'm drawing a blank on what to talk about next.

Oh yeah, I bought Marvel Secret War.

It's pretty good. Got it with a 25% discount. It's one of those few stories that I'd think do better animated or in film format than in graphic novel/comic book


Somebody please explain this to me about Marvel.

Pretty much every fucking superhero team is in or near New York City, right?

So how come when Galactus appears above and says he's going to eat the whole planet, only the Fantastic Four show up?

I wouldn't put the fate of Earth in the hands of just the Fantastic Four.